Sunday, October 28, 2012

#leopard is my new favorite color

i really love leopard prints..
see how it really fits on any occasion???
i wore this outfit for the entire day
on the various event. and thats how
versatile it is.

i opted to paired it with a simple
slippers alone,
because the entire dress
brought everything into its place..:)

thats all for now... :)
keep on touch,,,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

#here comes the boredom

promise... !!the boredom i had felt this past few days
are just like a suicidal stuff for me..
so in able for me to stay a live (OA!!)
I did a tons of post in front of my camera for an hour (you cannot blame me guys)
but actually this outfit is the one i wore during a get together with my pals..
but before seeing them.. i did lots of crazy post (luckily im on my mood that time!)
so here are the evidences :)

what i love with this outfit is that 
it shows my style and it fits the rainy season

and of course i am also a huge fanatic of leopard prints 

and guess what!!! im practicing another field,, 
obviously its pertaining to make up
i wanna be a make up artist!!

but dont cha dare to tease me,,, im just a beginner pa kaya!!!

but i am so proud that i still made myself look good even though i am not that proff.

here is my messy room!!

what do you think of my look?????

Friday, June 29, 2012

# feels like a beach

as i always kept on saying, being a fashionista isn’t
about how expensive your clothes are, or on which signature
it belongs, it is on how you carry your peg wardrobe even if
it totally looks simple yet polished. 
this pictures took a long long time ago.
but i cannot help myself to fall in love with 
this combinations.
the print of this semi-jump suit really makes a 'papansin effort'
to everyone,.

i opted to paired it with a plain white v-neck shirt for enhancement purposes 
so see how it works,..

and for my fina-le i decided to paired it with a slippers from havaianas  

and viola!!!!

more post soon!!!

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