Sunday, July 8, 2012

#here comes the boredom

promise... !!the boredom i had felt this past few days
are just like a suicidal stuff for me..
so in able for me to stay a live (OA!!)
I did a tons of post in front of my camera for an hour (you cannot blame me guys)
but actually this outfit is the one i wore during a get together with my pals..
but before seeing them.. i did lots of crazy post (luckily im on my mood that time!)
so here are the evidences :)

what i love with this outfit is that 
it shows my style and it fits the rainy season

and of course i am also a huge fanatic of leopard prints 

and guess what!!! im practicing another field,, 
obviously its pertaining to make up
i wanna be a make up artist!!

but dont cha dare to tease me,,, im just a beginner pa kaya!!!

but i am so proud that i still made myself look good even though i am not that proff.

here is my messy room!!

what do you think of my look?????

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